Peepin Tom Productions was originally formed in 1998 for music production and distribution. However , in 2001 , the company  shifted exclusive focus on film and media production. Since the company's inception, the mission was to produce strong character driven content that provides a "peepin tom's " glimpse of the undercurrent of emotions that harbor inside all of us. Hense , Peepin Tom Productions.

 In 2013 , as growth and success in the film industry presented new opportunities, the company expanded from it's traditional primary focus on film production to "industrials" with a host of  numerous high profile projects produced for top tier corporations via voiceovers , commercials , informercials , and assisting in the development and creation of learning platforms for corporate employees and investors.  Today,  our company continues to provide quality proven,  full service media-production capabilities  that range from music videos , film production , and voice overs , to developing individualized online marketing & training platforms for businesses.  

Peepin Tom Productions can assist you in all platforms and stages of production .

The success of any project is dependent on the quality of people that surround it. With a coalition of the best artists behind and in front of the camera , we can assist in any stage and aspect of film production. From pre-production through post with experience and reliability in all aspects, let us help you achieve the final product that you envisioned.

If you would like to speak with someone regarding your production and/or company needs , please feel free to drop us a line !